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Welcome to Galileo Creators, a division of Galileo Tech Media, our Innovation Division Department where our developers create VR/AR apps with interactive 3D content for the following industries: real estate, interior design, traveling, tourism, education, gaming and advertising. Our main tools and expertise are based in the use of Augmented, Virtual and Artificial Intelligence in marketing & advertising to boost sales.

Augmented Reality

The captivating ideas of the developers are causing new uses and applications of Augmented Reality to become known every day. In addition, the expansion of the mobile sector and the fact that almost everyone can have at your fingertips at all times next-generation device, is opening a range of possibilities for the technology of Augmented Reality.

Your Augmented and Virtual Reality project anywhere, on any device.

Architecture, Real Estate and
Interior Design in Augmented Reality

We develop innovative ideas and apps for the following industries:

  • Travel: AR Booking experience, Gaming,
  • Advertising: AV/VR Brands Apps, Big Augmented Reality Screen Broadcasting
  • Tourism: Apps to explore cities in AR and VR, Booking Virtual Mode.
  • Interior Design: AR Floor Plan, AR/VR Interior Design Projects.   
  • Real Estate: AR Floor Plan, Touch Display.
  • Entertainment: Events in AR, AR GeoLocation Games
  • Education: AR Book and custom AR/VR projects.

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AR Makeup Apps

Augmented Reality anywhere, on any device.

What if, for example, focusing with the mobile camera in my living room, I can get an idea of how a sofa or a lamp would look like?

In the same way, you will have seen online stores that use this technology to function as virtual testers. In this way, it is easy to virtually try on a dress, glasses or even jewelry. Allow shoppers to experience your products virtually, giving them the ability to place 3D objects into their real world surroundings. Shoppers can rotate and move these virtual objects at will, giving them confidence in their purchase decisions.

AR e-Commerce Store Live

Custom Augmented Reality Apps for Brands

Your great ideas into a powerful
Augmented and Virtual Reality app

AR & VR App Development, 3D Solutions and Services

  •  Virtual reality apps
     Augmented reality apps
     Mixed reality apps
     3D modeling (high poly and low poly)
     360° video
     3D visualisation / 3D virtual tours
     Computer simulation
    Video Game and Digital Set Design for Video
    3D Animation / Motion Graphics
    AR Geolocalization apps

Solutions for travel and hospitality.
Hotel in Augmented Reality

3D Modeling / Interior Design

Virtual Reality 360 App

Augmented Reality Floor Plan

Augmented Reality Hotel Postcards

Geolocation City Explorer Game for Guests

Hotel Room AR/VR Memorable Experience

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